séminaire de Rigoberto Castro Beltran

"Hybrid microcavities : from concept to frequency comb generation and application" par Rigoberto Castro Beltran, División de Ciencias e Ingenierías, Universidad de Guanajuato

"Hybrid microcavities : from concept to frequency comb generation and application"

Integrated photonic devices such as whispering gallery mode resonators have become a widely researched topic due to their interesting properties stemming from their ability to confine light for long periods of time. These long photon lifetimes allow for circulating intensity to build up within the cavity, which opens up the possibility of accessing to multiple nonlinear optical effects. Recently, researchers along the world have taken advantage of this approach to fabricate functional tools such as lasers and frequency combs. All these new sources of light are presented in the micrometer scale which represent novelty on photonic microlaseres designs. Nanomaterials and organic compounds with unique optical properties represent a promising strategy to obtain more efficient nonlinear optical effects. This presentation will provide an introduction to optical resonators and how they can be utilized to generate frequency combs. Furthermore, two new strategies for reducing the threshold and increasing frequency comb span and insolate the nonlinear phenomena will be discussed. The first strategy aims to increase the nonlinear Kerr coefficient with a coating of functionalized gold nanorods, which serves to decrease the threshold required to obtain combs. The second strategy focuses on selecting the nonlinear optical effect by coating the cavity with novel organic compounds. These approaches offer simple ways to decrease the power requirements needed to obtain wide-spanning frequency combs, opening the door to new applications beyond the laboratory. Finally, it is the goal of the talk to present an open opportunity to join projects of great technological impact in health and telecommunication through microcavities applications.