Vincent Krakowiak (ENS, Lyon)

Dynamics of fluids plunged in quenched-random environments

  1. Abstract
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The effect of a static random environment provided by an optical speckle pattern on the dynamics of a colloidal system has been the focus of a number of recent experimental investigations, with both fundamental and practical motivations. Inspired by these studies, we have undertaken a theoretical work on this type of problems, based on standard approaches of liquid-state physics and on a simple model system expected to be representative, namely, a hard-sphere fluid plunged in a quenched disordered potential energy landscape modelled as a Gaussian random field. In this seminar, we will provide an overview of this work through a description of some basic aspects of the physics of fluids in random environments, a presentation of the main tools used in our study (replica integral equations, mode-coupling theory) and a review and critical discussion of the main results obtained so far.


IPR, bâtiment 11B, salle 50.