Séminaire "Physique moléculaire" : François Lique (LOMC, Le Havre)

Séminaire "Collisional excitation of interstellar molecules: towards reactive systems”

Accurate determination of physical conditions of interstellar molecular clouds is a crucial step to better understand the life cycle of the interstellar matter and particularly the formation of stars and planets as well as the synthesis of organic molecules that may lead to emergence of life in the universe. A key parameter for the determination of these conditions from interstellar spectra is the calculation of accurate collisional rate coefficients of interstellar molecules with the most abundant species. Whereas the knowledge of collisional processes has reached a certain level of maturity for collisions involving non-reactive molecules, very few reliable data exist for collisions involving reactive radicals and ions. The computation of such data is a real challenge since inelastic and reactive processes compete during collisions. In this talk, we will present the most recent scattering calculations performed on reactive molecules. In particular, we will introduce innovative statistical methods that are a good alternative to pure quantum calculations for the reactive systems.