séminaire "non-permanents"

Deux présentations lors de ce prochain séminaire des non-permanents : Divita Gupta (département Physique Moléculaire) et Molka Zoghlami (département Matière Molle)

Low-Temperature Kinetics of the Reaction Between the CN Radical and Benzene

par  Divita Gupta

The low-temperature reaction between CN and benzene is of significant interest in the astrochemical community due to the recent detection of benzonitrile, the first aromatic molecule identified in the interstellar medium (ISM) using radio astronomy. Benzene, the simplest aromatic molecule, is a possible precursor to larger polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and benzonitrile can be used as a proxy for the abundance of benzene in the ISM. Here, we study the reaction in the temperature range 16.7-294.5 K, using the well-established CRESU technique (a French acronym standing for Reaction Kinetics in Uniform Supersonic Flow) combined with Pulsed Laser Photolysis-Laser-Induced Fluorescence (PLP-LIF).

Divita Gupta

Interfacial behavior of Lipoproteins: Links with cardiovascular risk?

par Molka Zoghlami

The transport of cholesterol is performed by essentially two structures of lipoproteins LDL and HDL. Whereas LDL transport the cholesterol from the liver to the cells and HDL allows the reverse cholesterol transport. Clinically, LDL plays a major role in the development of the atheroma plaque leading to cardiovascular diseases which are the main cause of death in the World. Our approach consists of characterizing the behavior of lipoproteins against a hydrophilic/hydrophobic interface in order to determine their stability, which can be impacting in the case of hypercholesterolemia.

Molka Zoghlami