séminaire "non-permanent"

Au programme, Yajuan Zhu - Doctorante en 3ème année au département "Milieux Divisés" et Charlène Hubert - Doctorante en 2ème année au département "Matière Molle".

département "Milieux Divisés"

High speed granular flows

We investigate numerically high speed granular flows down inclines. Recent numerical works have highlighted that the presence of lateral frictional walls allows to produce novel flow regimes at high angle of inclination. These regimes present non-trivial features, including secondary flows with longitudinal vortices and flows characterized by a central and dense core supported by a very agitated dilute layer.



Doctorante "Matière Molle"

How do volatile oils ensure long-lasting make-up?

Long-lasting make-up is based on the use of film-forming agents with volatile oils. However, with the era of natural cosmetics, which are more environmentally friendly, volatile compounds of petroleum origin seem to be delivered to an uncertain future.
We will show that removing a raw material such as volatile solvent in a cosmetic formulation impacts its properties in terms of texture, make-up result and effectiveness. Correlations will be established between the performance of the products evaluated in-vivo and their physical properties in-vitro.