séminaire MMC: Samuel Poincloux (LPS-ENS, Paris)

Samuel Poincloux du laboratoire de physique statistique de l'ENS-Paris donnera un séminaire intitulé : "Elasticity and tremors of a knitted fabric"

Knits mechanical properties are fundamentally different from those of its constitutive yarn. For instance, a fabric knitted with an inextensible yarn demonstrates a surprising inclination for deformability. Like mechanical systems where geometry plays a preponderant role, such as origami, the mechanical response of knitted fabrics is governed by the pattern imposed on the yarn. In the process of knitting, the yarn is constrained to bend and to cross itself following a periodic pattern, anchoring its topology. The three factors which determine the mechanical response of a knit are the elasticity of the yarn, its topology, and friction between crossing strands. We explored several phenomena that arise from the interplay of these factors, such as the elasticity of a stretched fabric or the fluctuations in the mechanical response revealing an avalanching dynamic.