séminaire MMC - Moein Kashani (Australian National Fabrication Facility - South Australia)

Moein Kashani (Australian National Fabrication Facility - South Australia) donnera un séminaire intitulé : "Fluid Dynamics Simulation for New Insight into Microfluidic Systems"

Microfluidic systems are of tremendous technological interest as demonstrated by their use in chemical and biochemical analysis, cell biology and process intensication. Knowledge of hydraulics behaviour of fluid flow in microchannels leads to accurate predictions of the velocity field and pressure drop, which are essential requirements for the optimal design of a microfluidic system and safe operation. Moreover, simulation data such as instantaneous pressure and velocity fields can be extracted along with a considerable amount of data associated with the motion of a fluid in a microfluidic system. The most broadly used approach to analysing the flow of a fluid within a complex structure is to use computational fluid dynamics to solve the motion of a fluid from a set of governing equations.

In this talk, I will demonstrate the application of simulation in different case studies. In the first case, a simulation study of parallel stream flow was carried out for the scenario of a liquid-liquid multistream micro-solvent extraction chip, to study the flow regimes and predict the interface position for a range of flow rates. In the next case, the simulation was employed to provide an analysis of the hydrodynamic conditions and geometry optimisation in microfluidic post array to induce hydrodynamic flow conditions with microfluidic vortex shedding and deliver mRNA to human pan T cells. And in the last case, simulations in a novel diagnostic biosensor for bladder cancer were performed to investigate the effect of hydrodynamic conditions on the performance of this microfluidic device.