séminaire MMC - Lionel Foret (LPS-ENS Paris).

Lionel Foret du LPS à l'ENS-Paris donnera un séminaire intitulé : "Mechanism of lipid droplet biogenesis in cells"

Eukaryotic cells contain a large number of compartments, or organelles, delimited by a fluid membrane made of lipids and proteins. It is a dynamic organization in which structures appear and disappear continuously through membrane deformation, fission and fusion. These processes are usually performed by protein machineries consuming energy. During this seminar, I will discuss a theoretical model for the biogenesis of a particular type of organelle called lipid droplets , whose role is to store and deliver on demand fat ingested by a cell. I will show that the manufacture of a new lipid droplet could result from an instability in the membrane of the mother organelle, instability controlled by the interfacial tensions and the elastic properties of the membrane [1].

[1] F. Deslande, A.R. Thiam and L. Foret, Biophysical Journal 113, 15-18 (2017).