séminaire "Matière Molle" : Matthieu Labousse (ESPCI)

Matthieu Labousse (CNRS & ESPCI Paris PSL) donnera un séminaire - en visioconférence - intitulé : "Phase transitions in wave memory-driven self-propelled particles"

The optimality of space exploration depends on the environment and on the target properties. When the searcher cannot move and collect
simultaneously, the best strategies can be diffusive, ballistic or a mix of both called intermittent research strategy. When the properties of
the medium are unknown the choice of strategy becomes crucial, like in the context of robotic exploration. In this talk, I will introduce a deterministic strategy inspired from the path-memory dynamics of walking drops initially introduced by Couder & Fort, which exhibits the three phases of motion by the sole change of one single parameter. In this system, positional information is stored in a wavefield which eventually guides the walker. Storing information in a wave field is very unusual in the context of active matter and I will show that this new paradigm leads to emergent properties usually restricted to the world of intelligent systems. Finally, I will rationalize its main statistical properties.

V Bacot, S Perrard, M Labousse, Y Couder, E Fort, Multi-stable free states of an active particle from a coherent memory dynamics. Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 104303 (2019).

M Hubert, S Perrard, M Labousse, N Vandewalle, Y Couder, Tunable bimodal explorations of spacefrom memory-driven deterministic dynamics. Phys. Rev. E 100, 032201 (2019).

M Hubert, S Perrard, N Vandewalle, M Labousse, Tailoring a thermal bath through dynamical organization of circular wave sources. (in preparation).