Akihiro Koide (IPR, DMN)

Development of MsSpec atomic scattering amplitude database (MASAD) and its results


The scattering amplitude is one of the key factors to describe and understand how a quantum particle (such as an electron) is scattered by an effective potential. MsSpec atomic scattering amplitude database (MASAD) is a computation code to calculate the scattering amplitude and its related various quantities (S- and T-matrices, cross sections and so on) of an electron scattered by an atomic site embedded in a solid. MASAD can use an optical potential to include the inelastic scattering effects, and the scalar relativistic correction. In the presentation, I will introduce MASAD and show its results in particular the effects of the inelastic scattering and the relativistic effect.

MsSpec is a Multiple Scattering package for Spectroscopies using electrons to probe materials.