PhD Theses

Loren Méar 2019
"Characterization of endometriosis biomarkers by proteomics and integrative genomics"
Dir : Vialard François, UVSQ, Pineau Charles, Rennes1

Karolina Modzelewska 2019
"Deciphering the dynamics of proteins post-translational modifications during the epididymal maturation of spermatozoa"
Dir : Pineau Charles, Rennes1

Céline Camus - 2014
"Effect of seminal fluid on HIV-1 infection in cellular and tissular models and research of modulating factors"
Dir : Dejucq-Rainsford Nathalie, Pineau Charles, Rennes1

Sophie Chocu - 2014
"Discovery of novel proteins involved in spermatogenesis in the rat"
Dir : Pineau Charles, Rennes1

Thomas Fréour - 2012
"Biomarkers of human gamete competence : identification, evaluation and interest in Assisted Reproductive Technology"
Dir : Pineau Charles, Rennes1

Pierre Calvel - 2010
"Research and functional analysis of stage-specific proteins in the rat spermatogenesis by proteomic approaches"
Dir : Pineau Charles, Rennes1