Six exchange students from Japan join IPR

The Institute of Physics of Rennes has the pleasure of welcoming 6 undergraduate students from Japan

Students from Japan

The University of Chiba is a long standing exchange partner which has already sent more than 30 students to the IPR since 2015. The University of Toyama is a new partner since last October.

From Toyama:

Aika Takatsu is back after two months last year in the Department of Molecular Physics:  in March, she will be learning Fortran in order to program the renormalisation theory of multiple scattering with Didier Sébilleau.

Nodoka Hara is learning how to use the MsSpec code with Sylvain Tricot.

From Chiba:

Yu Fujikata is learning about second quantization and R-matrix theory.

Tomoki Yuyama is using the Python version of MsSpec to study the diffraction pattern of photoelectrons emitted from the 1s orbital of impurity nitrogen in TiO2-B.

Koki Joshita is learning to use SPRKKR and applying it to calculate XMCD of Mn2VAl.

Yoshihiro Nakazawa is learning how to perform STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscope) simulations using GPAW (Grid-based Projector Augmented Wave method) as well as interpretation of STM contrast by a finite difference approximation methods.